This Girls Likes the Tigers!

As any college basketball fan knows, there is a huge game this weekend! Saturday, February 23 cannot get here quickly enough. At 8:00 pm, the #1 University of Memphis Tigers will take on and (hopefully) defeat the #2 University of Tennessee Vols.

Although I don’t remember every stat of every player who has ever played for the Tigers, much less the stats of their opponents, I am still a true-blue fan. I might not remember where Chris Douglas-Roberts went to highschool, but you better believe I know his jersey number and support his game 100% every time he’s on that court. Do I remember how many rebounds Joey Dorsey had in the last game? Nope, but I do know that I love his dedication to the sport and to Memphis so much that I named my beautiful English Bulldog after him.

Remembering every stat and every fact doesn’t make you the biggest and the best fan out there. Fans, well TRUE fans (don’t get me started on fair-weather fans), are the dedicated supporters showing up at ballgames or watching with a crowd in a restaurant (Buffalo Wild Wings, anyone?) or watching at home with their families. Support is what matters–through the good, the bad, the highs and the lows. GO TIGERS GO.


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