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They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks…

But why can’t you teach old tricks to a new dog? In a day and age where everything is ‘new and improved’ or ‘latest and greatest,’ a few things remain constant:

  • Relationships matter. It doesn’t matter if you and a colleague are meeting face-to-face, via webcam or via conference call. It doesn’t matter if you and a friend keep in touch via e-mail or via blog posts. Those things don’t matter, but what does–and always will–matter is the relationship.
  • Words are important. You can write a novel, host a workshop, upload a video on YouTube or call your mother on the phone, but to do those things WORDS are necessary. Words, once spoken, may not be forgotten. Words, once published, will never be lost. Choose words wisely, and if you must say something negative–at least do it tactfully.
  • Actions are most important. The old saying says, “Actions speak louder than words.” Yes it’s a cliche and yes we’ve heard it a million times, but when you get down to the heart of matters–it’s still true. Because the words that come from your mouth may never be forgotten by someone–be sure to back it up. And if you can’t back it up, have a really good reason.

Keep these things in mind while taking advantage of the ‘new and improved,’ ‘latest and greatest’ ways of communicating. Those things are constants. As constant as the fact that my oh-so mature (1 and half year old) English Bulldog Dorsey will be highly irritated at our young and silly puppy, Bailey Mae, when I get home and there’s a mess. Embrace those constants in our lives because so many things waver on a daily basis.


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